Friday, March 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 gets ICS from 10 March 2012

Via the ever-attentive users on the Hardwarezone forums, we have seen reports that the long-awaited update to ICS (Ice Cream aka Android 4.0) for the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available starting from Sat 10 Mar 2012. As expected for a start this will be for the international version of the Galaxy S2, model number GT-i9100. This was earlier noted by Engadget which in turn was based on the initial announcement from Samsung themselves.

But there has been some concern in the community about some of the remarks, particularly the part in the announcement that said : "Because of ICS OS feature, Adobe flash and Bluetooth 3.0 HS will not be supported in ICS OS (Bluetooth 3.0 is supported still)". At the point of writing, the community is still trying to figure out whether this implies what it seems to (*gasp* no Flash support?!!). Scattered reports earlier have indicated that Adobe Flash had been working fine on custom ICS ROM's as well as some, ah, leaked ROM's for the S2 with Touchwiz included et al that had somehow made their way out into the wild. It also remains to be seen whether Samsung would in the next few days do a Galaxy S1-like turnabout and declare that all is well, after all.

As for worldwide availability that is also not too clear at the moment, though if the same distribution pattern observed for Android 2.3.6  were to apply, we would see the first rollouts appearing in Europe, starting from the UK region, on to Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and then Australia before reaching the rest of Asia, Hong Kong, Thailand and finally Singapore and Malaysia. That is, if the same pattern holds. We'll have to see about that.

Whatever the release date is, this might be a good time to go and do a full backup of system+apps+data via Samsung Kies, Titanium Backup Pro, CWM Recovery / Nandroid or whichever is your preferred tool of choice. Just in case that Flash, or Face Unlock, or something else does not entirely pan out, there is always the option to go back. After all, despite most indications that ICS is already pretty much useable, remember that this is a POINT ZERO version after all (you know, as in FOUR POINT ZERO).

Meanwhile, the countdown continues ...


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