Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800

So you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. And for some reason you wish to reverse the process and unroot it. Perhaps you need to send it in to a service center for a warranty claim. Or simply you wish to restore your device back to its original state in order to do an official firmware update via Samsung Kies or OTA (over-the-air).

Whatever the reason is, it's easy enough. You simply need to flash back the original stock kernel. From the original firmware sources, I have extracted the stock kernel for the Galaxy Tab 7.7, 3G+Wifi edition (GT-P6800), with the kernel edition being DXLA2 from the Singapore region. Here are the steps to do this via Odin :
  1. Look for the file Kernel_P6800DXLA2.tar (do a search for it).
  2. Run Odin. This assumes you have Odin v3 1.85 installed on your PC. If you have followed the rooting and CWM Recovery installation instructions earlier, you should already have it.
  3. Turn off and then turn on the tablet in download mode. Hold down both the Power and Volume Down buttons until the tablet turns on, and keep both buttons pressed until the download screen comes up.
  4. Connect your Galaxy Tab 7.7 to your PC via the USB cable.
  5. In Odin, click on the PDA button, and select the file Kernel_P6800DXLA2.tar downloaded earlier.
  6. Click Start, wait a few seconds for the kernel to install and the tablet to reboot.

After flashing the original stock kernel, here's the outcome and side-effects :
  1. You will lose root access (of course).
  2. Apps which require root access to run will obviously no longer work (such as Titanium Backup as mentioned in the Top 10 Reasons to Root list).
  3. You will lose CWM Recovery.
  4. The SDcard write problem fix should still remain fixed, since root access was required only for a one-time change to the permissions file.
  5. Your binary counter should not increase since you are flashing back to the original stock kernel.
If you are on another ROM for a different region, then you can go to the original firmware sources thread on XDA, download the appropriate firmware for your region, extract the zImage file like I did, and create a .tar file for Odin to install over to your device.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, i followed your steps but Odin was stuck at zimage for a long time. I had also used the same Singapore kernel in the link you provided. Did i go wrong anyway?


wow there are many Galaxy firmware. don't which one to choose please help how to know which firmware is correct. my Kenerl version is 2.6.36-P6800ZSLA2-CL614970
Baseband P6800XXLA1

Please help.


@TET: i also tried to unroot my tab 7.7 due to wifi issues but stuck at d zImage.. any help??

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