Top 10 reasons to root your Android mobile phone or tablet

Some of you may have heard of it in whispered tones : "you can do this (or that) if you would only ROOT your phone". You might wonder what is this "root" thing and what it might do for you ...

How to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800

The steps below show how to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800. Note that this guide is for the 3G+Wifi version only. Be sure you know what you are doing ...

Singtel 3G APN settings for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

One of the first things that I did upon getting my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was to ensure that the Singtel 3G APN settings are correct. I've read that you can configure it with slightly more optimized settings as follows ...

Singapore : Telco authority IDA to mandate improved 3G mobile coverage standards, cap mobile roaming charges

IDA, the overall Singapore telco authority, has recently come up with a couple of mandates to try to resolve two of the most pressing issues faced by mobile phone users in Singapore.

Apple nets $46.33 billion revenue, Samsung gets $42 billion in Q4 2011

Tech earning season is in and we are looking at some incredible numbers out there. For Apple's Q4 2011 results, the official press release noted that the company "posted record quarterly revenue of $46.33 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.06 billion".

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Avengers : Age of Ultron end credits scene


Okay, you've been warned.

If you are going to wait the 10 minutes or so it seems for the Avengers : Age of Ultron end credits scene, then all you need to know right now is : don't bother. There is no end credits scene. There is only one line of text. And it says "The Avengers will return". Of course, we already know that, since we're going to see more action in Captain America : Civil War in 2016 and after that Avengers : Infinity War Part 1 in 2018 and then Part 2 in 2019.

On the other hand, the mid-credits scene is more interesting and worth staying about another minute or so for. There is Thanos (the guy whom we saw earlier in the rocket chair), putting on the Infinity Glove and saying "Fine, I'll do it myself". But the Infinity Glove is empty, so we know that he will be on the hunt for all 6 of the Infinity Stones to complete the collection, which will most likely be the topic of the Avengers : Infinity War movies.

Questions remain, however : wasn't the Infinity Glove supposed to be in Odin's own heavily-guarded Weapons Vault back in Asgard? But then, we've seen that it definitely could be breached. Or, like some others have discussed, perhaps Loki, posing as Odin himself, somehow gave it to him. Perhaps as part of a deal. Or a trick of some sort.

And there's the part about the Mind Stone being stuck in the Vision's head, how would Thanos get that one?

Well, we shall see, won't we?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 model codes

The Samsung Galaxy S6 model codes for Singapore are as follows :


Note that this is for the regular Galaxy S6, not the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The problem when trying to register the product warranty is that there is no hint of the correct model code on the receipt, or on the box, or in fact anywhere else. After trolling the forums and elsewhere on the net, as far as I can determine, the convention seems to be like this :

  • SM-G920I is the base model code, that is, the regular Galaxy S6.
  • Z, no idea what Z is
  • B, D K, or W would be the color code (B for Black, W for White, no idea about the rest, perhaps Gold and Blue)
  • A, E or F would be the memory size (A for 32GB, E for 64GB, F for 128GB)
  • XSP is the usual Samsung country code (XSP is for Singapore)
There is a huge list of Samsung country codes over at the XDA forum, you can look it up if you like.

So, for example, my regular Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB Black bought from M1 Singapore would then be SM-G920IZBEXSP, while the 32GB model would be SM-G920IZBAXSP.

Might update this when more information is available. Hope that helps.


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